IGN, Microsoft, Google and Twitter paypal transactions fees

The big four payment processors — PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments and Square — have started to add fees to their transactions.The fees are in line with those charged by major retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon and other major companies, which charge merchants fees to accept their goods.As Ars Technica reports, Google’s transaction fees for online purchases are currently $0.08 for […]

Why the etsy payment fee isn’t worth it

If you have a new product or service to launch on Etsy, it can be hard to know how much to charge for the service.As a small business owner, you may want to keep an eye on the cost of your products, and make sure that you aren’t charging excessive fees that could negatively impact your bottom line.Here’s why:The cost […]

When Cash App Goes Cash, Your Cash App Won’t Work

If you’ve got a mobile app that lets you send cash to your friends or colleagues, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how your app is designed to make sure the transaction isn’t lost.The Cash App Transaction is one of the more common reasons for users to abandon their cash apps.The main complaint is that the app’s interface looks […]

Why you should consider moving to PayPal

FinTech Insider is the world’s leading online financial news source.You can access all the top stories, industry insights, and insider trading information from the world of finance in one place.Read moreThe news about PayPal has come out in a few ways: The company announced that its stock would be worth $1.6 billion, after posting a quarterly loss of $2.2 billion.The […]

What’s going on with the ‘cloud’?

What’s the cloud?The cloud is the idea that there is a huge amount of data on every device and every user, and it can be accessed in any way you want.It’s similar to the idea of the internet of things: there are lots of sensors, computers, robots and sensors that communicate with each other to send and receive data.It means […]

When will blockchain tech be ready for the big day?

article By the time a blockchain is ready for mass adoption, a wide variety of new and different businesses and industries will have the ability to use the technology to do things such as record payments and process payments for other businesses.For example, in the world of financial technology, it is likely that by 2025 the financial industry will have […]

Why PayPal’s PayPal Transaction Fee is Unfair to US Customers

Paypal’s transaction fees have been on the rise lately.In the last year, PayPal’s transaction fee has increased by a whopping 5.7%.It’s not all bad news, however.According to research firm Comscore, the US transaction fee is actually down by 1.2% year over year.However, PayPal may be hoping that the rise in transaction fees will be offset by a decrease in the […]

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