DTS and Microsoft to begin a trial to get people on Xbox One to pay their mobile phones

DTS and Microsoft to begin a trial to get people on Xbox One to pay their mobile phones

The Australian government is to introduce a new online payment system that will see the two companies work together to test out a trial of a new type of payment method.

DTS will begin using the new system to accept mobile payments on the Xbox One, while Microsoft will work with Microsoft Pay to help customers pay their phone bills.

Microsoft is also working with Australian telco Telstra to offer a mobile wallet app that will allow people to pay for their phone costs using their Microsoft Pay balance.

The two companies are to begin testing the new payment system and will offer a trial on April 10, 2017.

“This trial will allow us to validate the effectiveness of the mobile payment solution we are developing with DTS, and to provide the best possible platform for customers to use our mobile wallet, mobile app and mobile payments,” a DTS spokeswoman said.

It’s the second trial of its kind for DTS.

In December last year, the company announced it was testing a similar payment system on mobile phones.

As part of the trial, DTS will work on improving the user experience for users who have already signed up for the app.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the trial would only work if the app was ready for the new feature.

For now, users will have to sign up for a trial account on the DTS website to see if it is ready for their mobile phone payment.

ABC News: DTS mobile wallet trial is underway for iPhone users The trial is not the first time Microsoft has worked with Dts.

In March this year, Dts was selected by Microsoft to build a mobile payment platform that would allow the company to support up to 50 million mobile phone users across Australia.

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