Which team has the best win percentage in their first five seasons?

Which team has the best win percentage in their first five seasons?

This season, the Sydney Swans have won their first six games of the season and they have a winning record of 68.4%.

However, they have only won one game in their last three matches, and that came against Collingwood last weekend.

They have also failed to score in four of their last five games.

It is not a good start, and their next four games are against Melbourne (round two), Geelong (round three), Gold Coast (round four) and Port Adelaide (round five).

They have a better winning record than the other teams in the top-five of the AFL ladder.

The other three clubs have a win percentage of 60.6%, so it is no surprise they have struggled to win at the start of the new season.

The Swans are in the midst of a five-game losing streak, and they are not alone in that.

The Sydney Swan has a win rate of 61.5% and have not won a game since round five.

This season’s Swans could struggle against their rivals if they do not find a way to score a goal.

They are averaging a goal every 10.2 games, which is second to Geelong.

Collingmont has a winning percentage of 68%.

They are currently in second place in the ladder behind the Swans.

The Crows are also in the bottom two, with a winning rate of 54.7%.

However they have lost three of their five games this season.

They also have a losing record of 23.1%.

They could struggle in this match-up, as they have not scored a goal since round four.

Collangale are the only team to have a less than 50% winning record, having only won two games in their final four games of 2015.

They were in last place at the end of the regular season, finishing a disappointing fifth in the competition.

They need to start winning games against the other clubs in the league to have any hope of climbing back into the top eight.

The Geelong Cats have a very strong record, with their win rate at 55.1% and a winning streak of 17.2 matches.

They only lost four games in 2016, which was good for sixth in the AFL, and the Cats are in seventh place.

The Cats have not played a game in 2017, but they have an average of a goal per game.

They finished eighth in the table last year.

It will be interesting to see if the Cats can continue to play the same way this season, as their win percentage dropped from 60.5 to 53.9% in their win-loss record.

Adelaide will have their eyes on the top of the ladder in the coming weeks, and there are plenty of good teams in their side to fight for their spot in the finals.

They will have to start playing with confidence against Geelong, the other top-six team in the club ladder.

They should have a tough time against the reigning premiers.

The Gold Coast Suns are a very similar team to Adelaide in that they are the second-best team in their division, and have a record of 67.1.

They won seven games in the regular campaign and finished fourth in the West Division.

The Suns have won just two of their eight matches, but have a long winning streak.

They did win one game last weekend, against Geel and finished ninth in the WAFL.

They beat the Collingmere Lions on Sunday to advance to the round nine clash.

Melbourne has the worst record in the division, with the loss rate of 34.7% in 2016.

They lost their last seven matches, losing five in a row.

The Tigers have the best record in their league, with 56.7%, but have only managed a win in five of their first seven matches.

The last time they played in round nine was in 2013, when they defeated Fremantle by six points to secure the Grand Final spot.

Melbourne have a history of losing games in round seven, so it will be a tough test for them against the Cats.

Colledmore will be the next team to make a serious push to make the finals, as the Tigers finish sixth in their ladder.

Geelong has a good record against the opposition, winning four of the last five meetings with Essendon, Richmond and Port.

They defeated Richmond last year to advance into the finals series.

Melbourne is currently in third place in their conference, with six games to play.

Collarra is one of the top clubs in their area, having won seven of their past nine games.

They haven’t lost since round nine, and are now in second position in the Western Bulldogs’ ladder.

Collaroos record is the second best in the Bulldogs’ league, but there are still plenty of opportunities for the club to find their way back into contention.

Adelaide’s best team has a record against other top teams in its division, winning nine games out of their final 11 matches.

Adelaide has the third best record against teams from

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