Astros GM David Freese: ‘No more acquisitions’ for MLB season

Astros GM David Freese: ‘No more acquisitions’ for MLB season

Dallas, Texas — A Houston Astros executive said Friday the team has “no more acquisitions” for the next few years.

The Astros have made three deals with the Yankees this offseason, and one of them is for a starting pitcher.

But Freese said the Astros are “going to make some big moves” for next season.

“We’ll make some bold moves,” Freese told Fox Sports Radio.

“And we’re going to build some good depth and we’re definitely going to do some trades for players.

We’ll be building a team, we’re not going to be trading players.

And that’s the way we’re doing it.

You look at our draft, we drafted four players.

So there’s a lot of talent in this draft.

But we’ve made some bold changes.

So yeah, we’ll make a lot more acquisitions than we did last year.

That’s the plan.

We’re going in a different direction, but we’ll do it.”

Houston was the first franchise to make the move, trading away first baseman Brett Gardner for reliever Matt Barnes and outfielder Matt Adams.

The Astros traded Gardner for a first baseman and a pitcher, but also sent a third-round draft pick to the Yankees in exchange for second baseman and outfielder Travis d’Arnaud.

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