New details emerge on the $US200 million ($222.5m) transaction limit for PS4 transactions

New details emerge on the $US200 million ($222.5m) transaction limit for PS4 transactions

The amount of money that PlayStation 4 players in Australia can send and receive in-game through the PlayStation Network is set to rise to $US600,000 ($934,000), with the total transaction limit going up to $1.4 million ($2,742,000).

The new $US1.2 million ($1.9 million) limit is in addition to the $1,200 ($1,800) payment threshold.

The announcement was made today at Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016 press conference.

The news comes after a number of reports on the PS4’s ability to send and collect payments.

The PlayStation Network allows users to transfer money from one PS4 to another.

It allows users and businesses to make in-app purchases and can be used to play games or store games for later.

In order to get the PSN to work on the PlayStation 4, Sony required a new console.

The PS4 was supposed to work with the PlayStation Vita.

The PS4 and PlayStation Vita have been used together to provide some of the most popular games and services for the PlayStation family of consoles.

The payment processing and payment limits are a result of Sony’s decision to introduce new technology that will allow it to use more of the console’s processing power to increase the amount of transactions it can handle.

This is in line with the company’s other business plans, which aim to make the PlayStation Store the most useful and reliable place for people to purchase games, movies and other content.

The PlayStation Store is expected to become even more popular as Sony expands the range of games available on the platform and the ability to purchase content through the PS Store.

Sony is also expected to announce plans to increase support for smartphones and tablets through its PlayStation Mobile software.

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