Two big blockchain projects are building out transaction processing systems

Two big blockchain projects are building out transaction processing systems

Two big projects are developing new payment processing systems for real-time trading and settlement on the blockchain.

The projects, which are led by three startups, are also building on the existing payment processor platform of Stripe.

The companies are Redis, a payment processor based in Singapore, and Interchange, a company that allows real-money exchanges on the platform.

The Stripe project has the ability to handle payment for almost any transaction and allows customers to use any combination of cryptocurrencies for payment.

Stripe also makes it easy to send and receive payments via NFC.

The Interchange project, however, is focused on transactions with a few cryptocurrencies.

Redis and Interstore are two companies working on new blockchain systems that enable real-world transactions.

The two companies are working with several banks and merchants, including Amazon, Google, and Apple.

The first project is called Interchange.

The project is developing an application for real time transactions, which can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Stripes developers are also working on an intercompany transaction processing system.

The other project is Redis.

The Redis project is building a blockchain-based payment processing system that allows customers and merchants to transact with one another.

The company has a very small team, but it’s been working on a payment processing application since 2015.

The main goal of the Redis team is to create a way for merchants to process payment in real-Time.

Redis allows a buyer and seller to enter into a transaction, and the transaction is processed in real time.

The buyer and the seller can then pay for the goods using the payment processor’s API.

Redi has been working with Stripe for a long time.

In 2017, Redi signed an agreement to work on Stripe’s blockchain project.

In May 2018, Redis and Stripe agreed to build a shared platform to work together.

Strips blockchain application, called Stripe, was built on Redis to process payments.

This year, Redistain and Striper announced an interbank settlement platform.

This platform allows payments between bank accounts and between individuals.

In October, Stripe signed an inter bank agreement with Redi to allow payments between individuals and bank accounts.

In 2017, the two companies signed an alliance with the UK’s Payments Council to collaborate on blockchain development.

The Interchange team is also working with the European Commission on the development of a payment system for digital assets.

The two companies have been working together for a while, and they are currently collaborating on a cross-border interbank payment system.

This project is one of many that will benefit from the interbank agreement between the two firms.

Redi and Strips developers are collaborating with the EU and the US on a wide range of blockchain projects.

The next steps for the two blockchain projects will be to continue developing the interbanks settlement platform and the intercompany payment system, respectively.

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