Why the NFL should accept Bitcoin as payment

Why the NFL should accept Bitcoin as payment

The NFL is the largest professional sports league in the world, but one of the few that accepts cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has become a big player, and the NFL is now considering the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency payments for its products and services.

The league’s CEO Rob Manfred said at the NFL owners meetings in March that the NFL was considering the use of Bitcoin for payments, but did not say how much the NFL might accept.

At the time, Manfred also said that there was no timeline for when the league would start accepting cryptocurrency.

Now, with the NFL now exploring Bitcoin as a payment option, the league’s owners are starting to discuss the issue with its top executives.

The league’s chief operating officer, John Mara, said the league is considering cryptocurrency payments as an option, though he declined to offer specifics.

A spokesperson for the NFL said the company does not comment on speculation.

The NFL has been a leader in the use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

The NFL has already started accepting Bitcoin payments, and in January, the NFL’s chief financial officer, Bob Papa, said that the league was considering cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its contracts.

Last year, the owners also endorsed the use or use of digital currencies in the NFLPA’s contract negotiations.

In February, Papa said that he was open to a payment method, but he said that it should be a digital form of money, not a physical form.

The commissioner for the league, Roger Goodell, also said at a conference call last year that he thought cryptocurrency could be used as a way to pay players and that the players were open to the idea.

“I think that we’re going to see more of this as more of a viable payment system for the players in the future,” Goodell said at that time.

PayPal, the online payment platform for the football and baseball leagues, has recently made a move into cryptocurrency payments.”

It will certainly help players to earn a living, and I think they will want more of that.”

PayPal, the online payment platform for the football and baseball leagues, has recently made a move into cryptocurrency payments.

PayPal is currently accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method for its customers.

The company said at CES 2017 that it will be accepting Bitcoin in the U.S. starting next year.

The Bitcoin-accepting payment platform Coinbase announced that it would start charging a fee for transactions with Bitcoin in 2017.

Coinbase also said last year at CES that it was working with the league on a payment platform that would be used to make payments to the league and its employees, including NFL players.

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