How to prevent the Detroit Lions from spending more money in 2017

How to prevent the Detroit Lions from spending more money in 2017

The Detroit Lions will be paying more to buy contracts this offseason than in any other year since 2006, and there are plenty of ways they can do it without having to increase their cap space.

This is what we know right now.1.

Sell players in free agency, and then add in future draft picksThe Lions are reportedly looking to add a couple of high-profile free agents to the roster.

They are reportedly targeting defensive end Ndamukong Suh and running back Theo Riddick.

The Lions reportedly are interested in trading up from the No. 16 pick in the draft to select either Suh or Riddicks, but that’s a big ask for a team that has no proven running back.

They’d have to trade up to get one of them, which they’re unlikely to do.

The team would then have to re-sign them in free agent or draft deals.

The team could also use their new draft pick to acquire an outside linebacker in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Lions are also reportedly considering trading down to grab a cornerback.

The draft is a huge opportunity for teams to upgrade their rosters in free agencies, and the Lions have been doing just that.

They have $36 million in cap space, but only $6 million is tied up in the franchise tag, which is set to expire on July 1.

This year alone, the Lions’ cap space is up to $28 million, and they’ve already spent $16 million of that.

The most obvious way to increase the cap space they have available this year would be to make more cuts to their roster.

But this wouldn’t necessarily hurt the team that signed the free agents, since it would be unlikely to be the team getting paid for the lost cap space anyway.2.

Keep players under contract until 2019While it’s unlikely that the Lions will sign a franchise quarterback this offseason, the team would be wise to retain some of their other key players.

The most obvious would be the likes of linebacker Nick Fairley, who has been a fixture in the defense for years.

Fairley’s agent told The Associated Press last week that he’s hoping the team can find a long-term deal with the quarterback, who was under contract through 2019.

Fairly a year from now, Fairley could become an unrestricted free agent.

He’s not a lock to sign a long term deal, but he’d likely be a great value to any team looking to build a championship defense.

The league could potentially make an exception for Fairley this offseason if the Lions don’t re-commit to him, but the likelihood of that happening is slim.

The other potential free agent the Lions could keep is wide receiver Marvin Jones.

The receiver is currently the franchise leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns, but they have some cap space to work with as well.

Jones would help fill that hole.3.

Sign veteran free agentsThe Lions have a good chance of re-opening negotiations with linebacker Anthony Zettel, who’s one of the best linebackers in football and who has two seasons remaining on his contract.

The only other free agents that the team could potentially sign are safety Mike Jenkins and safety Kenny Phillips.

Jenkins has been the team’s starting safety for a decade, but Phillips is a veteran and likely won’t be a free agent this offseason.4.

Trade upThe Lions could look to trade down from No. 1 to No. 4 in order to add an offensive lineman.

They could also look to reenter the draft in the first round and try to land a receiver.

If they go with the second-round pick, it would likely be at cornerback, where they’ve struggled this season.

They’ve also been able to sign defensive tackle Nick Fairly and tackle DeAndre Levy to long-time deals.5.

Draft players from the 2018 draftThe Lions can’t sign free agents until 2018, but there are some possibilities to do so.

The first is the 2018 supplemental draft, where the Lions get a pick in either the third or fourth round.

The second is the first overall pick, which the team has the right to make available at any time.

The third option is to draft a quarterback in the fifth round.

Detroit signed quarterback Garrett Grayson and left tackle Joe Dahl in free Agency.

Grayson has struggled with injuries and may not be able to repeat the performance he showed at the combine, but Dahl is an under-the-radar prospect who could go higher in the rankings.6.

Draft a linebackerThe Lions need a linebacker this offseason as they’ve been lacking in the secondary.

They might have to take a quarterback at No. 3 overall if they go the second or third route.

This leaves them with a few options at cornerback.

They would have to consider adding a cornerback in the second round to replace the injured Josh Wilson.

They also could consider a cornerback at the end of the first.

The Detroit Lions are hoping to make a push for a playoff spot this season, but this

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