What to expect in MLB 2020 trade deadline, including trades for Giancarlo Stanton and Yoenis Cespedes

What to expect in MLB 2020 trade deadline, including trades for Giancarlo Stanton and Yoenis Cespedes

The trade deadline is almost here.

So, it’s time to dive in and assess the trades that could make or break the calendar year.

There are plenty of good players to look out for.

Let’s get to it.

First up, the Giancarlos Stanton trade.

It would be hard to see Stanton not being moved in this scenario, and if you’re still wondering why, it might be because he’s one of the league’s best players.

It’s unclear why he’s not being dealt.

The Marlins want to move Stanton, and the Cubs are trying to get a deal done, but they’re not exactly on the same page as the Cubs.

Stanton’s contract is in the range of what the Marlins could have gotten from the Nationals.

It has a team option that would pay him $35 million over the next three seasons.

Stanton has been fantastic.

His .309/.371/.547 line leads all active players, and his on-base percentage (OBP) is nearly a full run higher than his career average.

He has a .907 OPS in the last five years.

Stanton was a top 10 prospect in 2014, and he’s been even better in the past two seasons.

The Cubs are going to need to get more bang for their buck if they want to land Stanton.

Second, the Yankees want to clear some space by trading Giancarlino.

The Yankees have been looking to move their shortstop and second baseman over the last few months.

The Mets, Phillies and Brewers have also been rumored to be interested.

The Braves, Phillies, Dodgers and Royals have all been linked to Stanton.

The Astros and Rangers have been linked for months.

It seems like Stanton’s market value has fallen off.

The market has tightened considerably since then, and that’s why Stanton might be a steal.

The Giants are looking for help at shortstop, so trading Stanton would clear a big hole.

The Tigers, Rangers and Dodgers would be the teams looking to add Stanton if they were looking for a player to bolster their infield.

The Mariners have been interested in Stanton for some time, but he’s never been able to crack the rotation.

It might not be the best move for them, but it would make a lot of sense for them to move him.

The Brewers would like to add another outfielder to their outfield, so adding Stanton to their rotation would clear up a huge hole in the outfield.

The Rockies could use another outfielder, but with Edwin Encarnacion on the DL, they don’t need to.

The Phillies and Yankees have also both shown interest in Stanton.

If the Marlins are going after Stanton, they could move him for a veteran who could fill a need for the Marlins.

Finally, the Diamondbacks would like Stanton, so moving him would clear out a big void in the lineup.

The Nationals would like the Marlins to move Giancaros and have to get rid of Stanton, but if they do that, they would need to add one of their own to make that happen.

The Brewers, Phillies or Diamondbacks could be interested in Giancarla Stanton, which could give them a chance to acquire Stanton and give the Nationals an opportunity to acquire a top prospect for Stanton.

In other MLB trades, the Braves could get back Carlos Beltran, and they could get another outfielder or two from the Brewers.

The Red Sox could add another outfield outfielder and a starter.

The Orioles could get some help in the infield.

And the Blue Jays could add a starting pitcher.

The Royals could add outfield help for the Royals.

The Pirates could add some help at third base.

The Dodgers could add infield help for a shortstop.

The Twins could add help in left field.

The White Sox could move an outfielder.

The Padres could move some help for Josh Beckett.

The Rangers could get a pitcher.

And so on.

The Mets could get Giancarlas Stanton, a veteran shortstop and third baseman, but that’s not exactly what they’re looking for.

They’re looking to make a deal for an outfield or infield player, and a third baseman is going to cost them.

The trade would have to come from somewhere else.

If they want a veteran third baseman to go to a contender, they’d have to trade a veteran player.

But if they don´t want to pay $35M to get Gians, they can go after someone else for him.

And if the Mets are looking to trade Giancarles Stanton, the Reds and Braves might be interested, as well.

But the Marlins, Yankees and Nationals are the teams that could get him.

There are plenty more trades that will likely happen in the next few days.

Stay tuned.

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