How to use the latest data analytics to save your money

As you make your way through your day and as you search online for bargains, there are a few things that can be a little confusing.For example, what’s the best way to get started tracking your spending?It’s a good question.A lot of people, especially those who are more familiar with the concept of analytics, would prefer to start off tracking […]

Banking and financial institutions can pay up to €20bn in fees for blockchain transactions

Banking and other financial institutions have the option of paying up to 20bn euros in fees to the cryptocurrency bitcoin, according to a new report from consultancy firm Avalere Capital.According to Avalere’s research, the payments are being made via a range of mechanisms including “blockchain-based payment channels”, “virtual currency payment channels” and “e-commerce payment channels”.“Bitcoin, which has grown in popularity […]

Fed’s ‘agreement’ with US companies to block payment processors

The US government has agreed to block payments processors from using an anti-counterfeiting measure to curb the flow of counterfeit money, in a move designed to stop illicitly sourced bitcoin transactions.The United States Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have announced a deal that will make it easier for US companies operating in China to prevent people from using digital […]

How to make your business cost-effective

The number of business-to-business transactions and business-by-business fees has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.And the most common method of managing these fees has been to set up a business-specific business-wide email account.However, there are many ways to manage these fees without the need to create a business account.Here’s how to create your own business-focused email account that you […]

How to start a business using blackboard

The blackboard transactional business has been a hit with entrepreneurs since its launch, but the process has been quite a bit more complicated. It’s an exciting new business model that involves creating a website and then paying a commission for each transaction on the site. The first step in the process is finding an ideal domain for the business, and that could […]

How to be a feminist in the age of Tinder

Posted May 08, 2018 17:11:53 A lot of us are not very happy when we discover a date we’ve met online, or a friend or acquaintance we’ve shared a drink with is single.We don’t want to feel like we’ve wasted our time or taken advantage of their time.But the internet has opened up new opportunities to be more inclusive and […]

Which Amazon employees are on the payroll of the biggest cash transaction coordinators?

The Amazon Unauthorised Transaction Coordinator is the official title for the position.This is the position that allows Amazon to transfer cash without a customer’s knowledge.However, Amazon employees who are on this job are often on contract.This position is a highly-paid one that lets employees make money without a transaction.Employees make about $100,000 a year, and the top earners are paid […]

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