This man wants to help you find a better sex life

This man wants to help you find a better sex life

A man has come up with a new way to get sex in Australia.

He’s using social media to promote the new service, but he says it’s not all roses.Read more‍”If you use your phone as a sex toy you can send us your pics and it will work in a way to match us to the best people for you to be able to get to,” he said.

“It’s just like your phone.

You’re not looking at it.

It’s like a little ring in your pocket.

You can just use it to send us a message.”

The man says the company is a good fit for him, as he can share the photos of his partner, girlfriend or a friend with the site.

“If it’s something that we both want to do then it’s great.

We can do it all together,” he told

The man’s idea is to build an app where you can enter the details of your partner and they will be matched to a person of interest in your area.

“They’ll then be able get together and they’ll be able find you that perfect person to have a relationship with, and that’s a really exciting thing,” he explained.

“We’ve had a couple of people call us up and say, ‘I’ve just had sex with someone else and I don’t want to go through all the hoops of trying to find them, I want to know what they’re like.'”

They’re really happy with that and they’ve actually had really great experiences and really happy relationships.

“Mr Krakowski’s service, called The Sex Buddy, is free to users and the person they meet will get a personalised “Suit” that they can use for “a safe, fun and exciting sex life”.

He said the app is designed to be used in “a couple of different ways”, with the first being for those who are looking for an alternative to using sex toys.”

When people are looking to get a little bit of money for sex or a little money to have sex for free, it can be quite a lot of money to get that,” he laughed.”

I think people are going to be really keen to have that as part of their sexual life and I think it’s going to really be a great service.

“Read moreThe man hopes his service will help others who don’t have the time to go to the trouble of seeking out someone who has had sex.”

Hopefully this is going to open the door to the wider community, so we can be doing this for free and not having to pay for sex at all,” he joked.”

People who are interested in this and interested in getting involved with this are probably going to get really excited by that.

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