When Irish banks lose billions of dollars, they will need to do more to help their customers

When Irish banks lose billions of dollars, they will need to do more to help their customers

Irish banks have been losing billions of pounds in transaction costs since the global financial crisis, but they are not prepared to give up the services that keep their customers happy and their money flowing.

In an attempt to stem losses, the country’s banking regulator is planning to set up a special unit to look into the problems of Irish banks in the run-up to the next financial year.

The unit, which will be headed by former Financial Services Authority chairman, Pádraig MacBride, will look at ways to reduce the losses, including by reducing fees and imposing penalties, according to a draft proposal published on Monday.

In a speech to the Association of Irish Banks (AIB) in Cork on Monday, Mr MacBride said there had been a number of initiatives over the past year that had helped Irish banks.

“I don’t think there’s been a day that hasn’t gone by where I have been told that we’ve made progress on reducing costs,” he said.

The AIB said it would look at what other countries are doing in the area, and that it was looking at introducing new policies that would help Irish banks improve their efficiency.

The proposals come at a time when the Irish banking sector is facing a challenge that has been brewing for a number.

The banking industry has been hit by the fallout from the fallout of the UK referendum, and has been forced to find ways to keep the UK economy going after the Brexit vote.

The Irish banking industry is facing one of its toughest challenges in the history of the sector.

Its turnover dropped from €5.5bn in 2016 to €3.8bn in 2017, according the Irish Bankers Association (IBA).

That was due in part to a slowdown in demand and rising interest rates.

The fall in trading volumes and fees was blamed on a combination of lower demand for services and lower lending rates.

In response, the Irish government has set up the Independent Payments Advisory Group (IPAG), which has been tasked with monitoring the effectiveness of its policies and the effectiveness with which they have been implemented.

The IPAG report, due out on March 1, will also look at the effectiveness and feasibility of a wide range of other policies that the government has announced, including on taxation, banking, and insurance.

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