Patriots transactions spot on spot at the NFL’s MLB transaction confirmation website

New England Patriots players and coaches are taking advantage of MLB’s MLB Transaction Confirmation website, where players and other players can now place their MLB transactions on a spot for the MLB team to confirm.As part of the MLB Transaction confirmation process, players must submit their name, address and contact information, which MLB will then process and send to the […]

Why bitcoin transaction history is so important

A transaction history allows a cryptocurrency developer to know which bitcoin users are currently using the system.Bitcoin’s main ledger of transactions is the blockchain, but it’s also a ledger for other cryptocurrencies and for other technologies.Bitcoin has a “tangle of forks” that keeps track of the bitcoin network’s activity, and many different cryptocurrencies have their own “tangled of forks.”Each cryptocurrency […]

Which transaction cost the most?

Transactions are expensive and there is no denying that.They can cost as much as 10% of a company’s annual revenue and even more if the transactions take place within the same business.In the last few years, there have been reports that transactions are also being recorded as part of the cost of capital (CC) calculations.Census Bureau research, for instance, showed […]

How to Use Paypal Transaction Limit for Bitcoin Payments

Paypal transaction limits are a simple way to limit your spending when it comes to Bitcoin transactions.Paypal transactions can be capped at $50 per transaction or a limit of $1,000 per transaction.For example, if you have two payments for $100 each, you could limit each payment to $1 million per month.The transaction limits apply to both the sender and the […]

What Eagles transaction makes the most sense for me?

Eagles transactions are always interesting.We have some of the top Eagles trades since 2012.One is definitely the Eric Rowe trade.The Eagles have been very good at acquiring young talent and turning it into successful NFL players.They did it with Sam Bradford, and they did it last year with Brandon Boykin.Rowe was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, […]

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